These are Catholic high schools in the state of New York which were once in operation, but were closed. Some are from the very early part of the 20th Century or even the late 19th Century. Click on the name of the school for details. As possible, we have listed the schools by Diocese.

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Bishop Reilly Diocesan High School was one of four co-institutional Catholic high schools sponsored by the Diocese of Brooklyn. These schools were built in response to the huge increase in Catholic school students as a result of the baby boom. Located in Fresh Meadows, Queens, Bishop Reilly was named in honor of Brooklyn Auxiliary Bishop, Edmund J. Reilly. In order to pay for these large co-institutional high schools, major fundraising was done among the parishes whose youth would attend the new schools. The schools were opened in September 1962. The baby boom did not last, however, and the diocese could not support the schools Several of the schools were closed or sold to local Congregations in the early 1970s. Bishop Reilly High School existed from 1962-1974, when it was purchased by the Franciscans as the new home of St. Francis Preparatory High School.