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The most popular names for a Catholic high school:

St. Mary's
St. Joseph
Our Lady of…
Notre Dame
St. Francis

Philadelphia is the site of the first free Catholic high school for boys, and girls, in the United States. The "Roman Catholic High School for Boys" was founded for the education of boys in 1890 (referred to as "Roman Catholic," occasionally as "Catholic High," or most commonly as "Roman"). The "Catholic Girls High School" was founded in 1911. Mrs. Mary McMichan, one of the schools founders, requested in her last will that the school be renamed in honor of her brother. The school became "John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls High School" after her death. Both schools are still in existence.

Every Pennsylvania Bishop, Archbishop, or Cardinal-Archbishop before 1961 has had a secondary school named in his honor.

3,500,000 teachers in 250,000 Catholic schools worldwide teach 42,000,000 pupils.

As of December, 2007, the Vatican has diplomatic relations with 176 countries.

There are more Catholics in the U. S. Congress than any other religion.

The home of the "First Catholic high school in America" is hotly contested. Some say it belongs to the Diocese of Philadelphia, other say to the Archdiocese of New York and still others to the Diocese of Baltimore.

St. John Neumann, Bishop of Philadelphia from , is considered to be the main proponent of Catholic education in America. The credit for establishing the first system of parochial schools in various parts of the country belongs to Neumann, as well as the first unified system of Catholic schools under a diocesan board in May of 1852. This took place, it is said, two weeks before the Diocese of Baltimore organized a system of schools.

John Neumann increased the number of Catholic schools in his diocese of Philadelphia from one to two hundred. He also introduced the School Sisters of Notre Dame to America to assist in religious instruction and staffing the diocesan orphanages.

Catholic high schools in the South and in the West are often owned by a group of parishes.

Catholic high schools in the Northeast, Pennsylvania, New England and Illinois are usually owned by a religious order or a diocese.

Catholic high schools in the Northeast, Pennsylvania, New England and Illinois are usually single gender.

Catholic high schools in the South and in the mid-West have usually been co-ed.

Catholic high schools in the South were mainly co-ed, diocesan owned and staffed by small, local congregations of Religious, governed by the Bishop's office, did not require uniforms and were mostly named some variation of "Central Catholic High."

Catholic secondary schools in the Mid-west were usually small parish-run high schools located on the upper floors of the parish elementary school.

The Sisters of St. Joseph have always sponsored and staffed more Catholic high schools in the United States than any other Congregation of Women Religious.

Snce November, 1964, Catholics could eat meat on Friday

Old St. Peter's Church (16 Barclay Street, New York, NY 10007), where Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton was baptized and made her First Holy Communion, is the oldest Catholic parish in New York State

Confession cannot be heard over the internet citing Canon Law.

If your last name Zolp and it can be verified through government records, as well as through your birth and baptismal (in a Roman Catholic church) certificates, Loyola University in Chicago will provide you with a full four-year scholarship.