These are Catholic high schools in the state of New York which were once in operation, but were closed. Some are from the very early part of the 20th Century or even the late 19th Century. Click on the name of the school for details. As possible, we have listed the schools by Diocese.

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Diocese of Brooklyn

St. Brendan's Diocesan High School for Girls

Information provided by S. Mary Ann McArthy CSJ

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Location: Midwood, Brooklyn.

Address: 1219 Avenue O. Originally a parish high school.

Opened: September 1922

Closed June June 1977

Bishop: Thomas E. Molloy

Staffed by: Sisters of St. Joseph, Brentwood

Highest enrollment: About 1,000

Principals: S. Maria Gonzaga, S. Anna Letitia, S. Teresa Rogers, S. Muriel Smithwick

Faculty: S. Thomas Aquinas, S. Patricia Maria, S. Rose MAureen, S. Miriam Eugene, S. Regina Mercedes, S. Dorothy Patrice, S. Calasantia Maria, S. James Eugene, S. Anita Marie, S. Ann Margaret, S. Grace Imelda, S. Agnita Maria, S. Francis Veronica, S. Miriam Cecilia, S. Marie Bellarmine, S. Mary BAsil, S. Agnes Dorothy, S. Joan Bernadette, S. Thomas Agnes, S. Inviolata Maria, S. Grace Devota, S. Francis Elizabeth, S. Catherine Patrice, S. Mary Gertrude, S. Miriam Loretto, Miss Harold, Mrs. Ezzo, Miss Joseph, S. Florence Symes, S. Stella, S. Eleanor, Miss Salzano

Clergy/Chaplian: Father Hickey (school's founder) Msgr. Downey, Father George Cowan

School colors: Blue & White

School song: When Shadows of Night

School mascot:

School newspaper: Stella Mautatina

Yearbook: The Anchor

Uniform: Green plaid skirts, white "Peter Pan" collared blouses with green weskits for the winter and 4 different colored pastel shirt-waist dresses for the spring.

Now: Buidling was used for elementary school after closure, convent was raken down. Senior housing is now on site.

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