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St. Franicis Preparatory School - Brooklyn Info provided by John Kieran Larkin

Note: St. Francis Prep - Bklyn closed in 1974 and moved to a new location in Fresh Meadows, Queens where it became a co-ed school.

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 Location: Greenpoint, Brooklyn (now called Northside)

Address: 41 Butler Street, moved to N.6th Street

Opened: September 1858/September 1920

Known as/Nickname: The Prep/ Prepsters

Staffed by: Franciscan Brothers and Priests

Highest enrollment: 1100

Principals: Brother Fabian Toal, OSF

Clergy: Rev. Salvatore Fink, OFM

Faculty: Jack Monaghan, Mike Dilworth, Bro Marcus, Bro Thomas O'Neill, Bro Thomas Grady, Bro Vincent Fanelli, Bro Becket Ryan, Joe Coffey, Bro DeSales Pergola, Bro Jeremy Sztalznick, Mr. Hiller, Mr. Zintarshi, Bro Alan Zodda

School colors: Blue & Red

School song: Alma Mater, On for Old St. Francis

School mascot: Terrier

School event: Rally in the Alley

School newspaper: The Seraph

Yearbook: San Fran

Uniform: Dress pants w/crease, dress shirt, sports jacket & necktie

Closed: June 1974/ Moved to Fresh Meadows, Queens

Now: Part of C.C.N.Y. - Boricua College

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