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Juniorate of the Sisters of St. Joseph

Information provided by S. Joan Dolan, CSJ

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The Juniorate of the Sisters of St. Joseph was the Congregational Prepatpory Academy for girls desiring to enter the order upon graduation from high school. It was not mandatory that a student enter the congregation upon graduation, nor was it necessary that an entrant have attended the Juniorate in order to be accepted into the Congregation. The Juniorate was closed in 1956 since the Sisters of St. Joseph were already conducting numerous other high schools and academies from which many young women (during this time) were entering Religious life.

Location: Queens & Brooklyn

Address: Originally at the Convent of St. Joseph in Flushing, Queens (This was the Congregation's Motherhouse at the time), moved to Bridge Street in Downtown Brooklyn.

Opened: September 1931

Bishop: Thomas E. Molloy

Known as/Nickname: "The Juniorate"

Staffed by: Sisters of St. Joseph, Brentwood

Average enrollment: Approx 100

Principals: S. Lucretia, S. Benjamina

Faculty: S. Regina Immaculate, S. Regina Miriam, S. Theresa Francesca, S. Faustina, S. Nicetus, S. Maria Jude, S. Letitia, S. Angela, S. M. Timothy

School colors: Gold & White

School newspaper: Venite

Yearbook: The Angelus

Uniform: Navy blue garbadine dress, belted, white collar that was removed for washing

Closed: 1956 for reasons note above

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