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Dominican Commercial High School

Information provided by S. Patricia Mooney, CSJ

Anita Kennedy '58 & Dorothea Boitel '58

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Dominican Commercial was one of the premier business schools for girls in all of New York City through the mid-1970s. Students followed a course of study that prepared them to enter full-time work after high school in clerical, secretarial and administrative assistant roles. The school had a very successful placement program with the top firms of the city. As the need for and popularity of Commercial high schools waned from the 1970s onward, Domincan Commercial shifted to more of a college preparatory program, but a dwindling enrollment and difficult location forced its closure in 1998.

Location: Jamaica, Queens

Address: 161-06 89 Avenue, Jamaica, NY.

Opened: September

Bishop: Opened under Molloy in 1936 Closed under Daily in 1998

Known as/Nickname: "D.C."

Staffed by: Sisters of St. Dominic, Amityville

Average enrollment: Approx 1900

Principals: Mother Rose Gertrude Hoenighausen, OP - Mother M. Dorothy Leidner, OP - Sister Lawrence Joseph Roth, OP - Sister Miriametta Zehnter, OP - Sister Dorothy Kane, OP - Sister Mary Ryan, OP - Sister Elizabeth Stringer, OP - Sister Jeanne-Marie Faller, OP - Sister Bernadette Claire Assante, OP

Faculty: Sr. Mary Jane, OP - Sr. Mary Anton, OP, - Sr. M. Antoinette, OP - Sr. Mary Fabian, OP - Sr. Mary Verity, OP - Sr. Mary Rosalita, OP - Sr. Mary Placide, OP - Sr. Anne Regina, OP - Sr. M. Dolorata, OP - Sr. John Timothy, OP - Sr. Margaret Mary, OP - Sr. George Bernard, OP - Sr. Anne Louise, OP - Sr. Bernard Mary, OP - Sr. M. Espiritu - Sr. Mary Karine, OP - Sr. Mary Kenneth, OP - Sr. Clare Augustine, OP - Sr. Regina Rosaire, OP - Sr. Francis Dominici, OP - Sr. Mary Joyce, OP - Sr. Anne Patrice, OP - Sr. John Daniel, OP - Sr. Clare Marie, OP - Mrs. Joseph Mullally, Mrs. Mary O'Moore Delaney, S. James Elizabeth, S. Mary Arthur, S. Mary Grace, S. Mary William, S. Rose Anthony, S. Mary Erica, S. Jessica, S. Marietta, S. Aquinas

School colors: Blue & Gold

School song: "Towers"

School mascot:

School newspaper: The Commercialite

Yearbook: The Angelicus

Uniform: Brown skirt w/inverted pleat, beige blouse, brown blazer, brown oxfords, brown tam. The winter uniform included a brown serge blouse/jacket that had a detachable linen collar, in addition to the brown skirt and brown oxford shoes. No socks allowed.

Seniors did not wear white tams. The white tams were only used at parades and were collected after their use. Students did not own them. Seniors were issued a large button type pin which could be worn with the uniform to identify their status as seniors. The class of 1958 is about to have its 50th Reunion and we have located all but 5 of our classmates.

Closed: June 1994 due to low enrollment/high cost/difficult location

Now: Houses 3 educational/vocational groups

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