Diocese of Brooklyn

Our Lady of Wisdom Academy

Information provided by L. Autieri Gaeta Class of 69

and Maryalis Macaulay Adams Class of 1947

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Oneline site for Our Lady of Wisdom Reunions

Location: Ozone Park, Queens, New York

Address: 101-25 104th. Street, Ozone Park , NY 11416

Located next to Mary, Gate of Heaven Parish Church and School

Opened: circa 1910. The high school division of Our Lady of Wisdom Academy of New York City, Diocese of Brooklyn opened in 1910. This was preceded by a very small boarding school which began operation in 1905.

Closed: June 1970

Opened under Bishop: Thomas Molloy

Closed under Bishop: Francis J. Mugavero

Known as/Nickname: "OLWA" Students known as "Wisdomites"

Staffed by: Daughters of Wisdom, the D.W.'s

Average enrollment: 400 girls

Chaplain: Reverend Basler

Principal: S. Mary Ruth, D.W. S. Angie Marie, D.W.

Faculty Members: S. Rosalie, S. Theodore, S. Paul Marie, S. DOris Marie, S. MArie Madeline, S. Constance Marie, S. Monfort, Miss Culligan, MissmOOney, Professor Rybka, Sister Alexander and Sister Patrick

School colors:Blue & Gold

School song: "Hall of Wisdom"

School mascot: Tiger

School newspaper: Sagesse

Yearbook: The OLWA

Uniform: Grey and blue plaid skirt or red and white plaid skirt white blouse, navy blazer, loafers

Building is now: Private homes

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